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Help Your Company Increase Recycling Capability and Lower Waste Costs

October 31, 2014

Nearly every company is constantly on the prowl for new ways to save money.  And almost every company can find ways to reduce the cost of their business  – and thus increase their profit – by finding ways to reduce waste costs.

Reducing the cost of waste sounds like a difficult task, but it can actually be achieved with relative ease for certain businesses.  And for larger companies – especially those with warehouses – industrial equipment can be the key to cutting down on waste cost and increasing profit for the business.

Between such industrial equipment as balers, packers, and compactors, reducing waste costs in a business can be quite easy.  Here are some of the many ways that industrial equipment and reusing materials can help your company cut back on their waste costs.

Become more efficient with recycling, and in turn, more efficient with cost

The reality is that it is far more affordable to recycle than it is to put things in a dumpster.  Waste companies charge less money if you’re recycling products than if you’re simply throwing them out. If you utilize large industrial equipment such as balers, packers, and compactors, you can limit the amount of garbage space you need by increasing your recycling capabilities.

All of this equipment can serve to flatten recyclable items (such as cardboard or wood), thus fitting a larger amount of them into your allocated recycling bins. The more you fit into your recycling bins, the less has to end up in your waste bins and more materials can be reused for green building projects.  And the less ends up in your waste bins, the sooner you can start saving on waste services.

Become more efficient with your waste space

While it is best to increase your recycling whenever it is possible, you’ll always be faced with a lot of materials that simply have to go in the waste bins. Once again, industrial equipment such as balers, packers, and compactors can reduce your impact, and, in turn, your bill.

You can use these pieces of industrial equipment to flatten your waste into the smallest volume possible, thus reducing the amount of space it takes up.  And simply put, the more you can compact your waste, the smaller dumpster space you’ll need; and the smaller dumpster space you need, the cheaper your waste management bill will be.

Fill up dumpsters more slowly

By using balers, packers, and compactors to decrease the volume of your waste before disposing of it, you can limit the frequency with which your waste needs to be moved.  Whether you have dumpsters that are picked up by a waste management service, or you are simply hauling your waste from a job site to the dump, fewer trips to and from the dump means less money spent on handling waste.

Lower the volume of your waste, and you’ll lower the amount of time needed to transport your waste; do that, and you’ll lower the cost. Follow these tips, make sure to use high quality equipment, and you’ll find yourself quickly reducing waste management costs.

This article was written by California Waste Services, a forward thinking waste management company in Los Angeles.

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