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Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste management should not be daunting, but as a regulated industry, it must be compliant. At Hazardous Waste Experts, we are dedicated to simplifying medical waste for our healthcare clients. We tailor waste pickups to match volume needs, minimizing costs. Additionally, our team of customer support and compliance experts is readily available to provide guidance on waste categorization, handling, and storage, ensuring the protection of your frontline staff.

We offer the following medical waste disposal services:

  • Nationwide medical waste pick-up, transportation, and disposal services
  • Highly trained and fully compliant staff
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Cost-effective waste management products and services
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Emergency spill response services
  • Sharps and red-bag mail-back containers
  • Fast price quotes

Specific Waste Examples Include:

  • Amalgam disposal
  • Dental wire
  • Lead foil pouches
  • Low-level radioactive material
  • Sharps
  • Radiological materials
  • Chemical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste and other regulated materials

We provide medical waste management services to:

  • Hospitals
  • Health care centers
  • Dental clinics
  • Blood banks
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Cancer centers
  • Dialysis centers
  • Any location that produces biological waste streams

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