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Post Holiday Recycling Tips

December 30, 2013

Holiday season is coming to a close, and though you might be feeling a bit blue (or perhaps a bit relieved), it’s an excellent time to do some heavy-duty recycling.  All across the nation, people recycle approximately 33% of their trash – and holidays should be no exception.

Here are some helpful holiday recycling tips:

  • Most wrapping paper is recyclable, though sort through it to make sure.  Anything with plastic, metal, or foil will need to go in the trash;
  • Places like Home Depot and Lowe’s are letting customers “turn in” non-functioning lights in specially marked boxes. Check to see whether or not this option is available where you live;
  • Check to see if there are local recycling options for your tree.  There are places out there accepting trees to recycle into mulch and compost.  If you bought a tree with roots attached, you can even replant it;
  • Before you trash bows, ribbons, or other decorations, think about whether or not you could use it again next year.  Often times these items saw very little use and remain in near-perfect condition.  Boxes can take up a lot of room, but can be incredibly convenient to hang onto for future holidays and birthdays if you have the storage space.

After all, what better way to pick yourself up out of the post-holiday blues?

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