Tidio Documentation

Create Account

To request a new Tidio account for your team, please reach out to Tracy will assist you in setting up the your new account and ensure that it meets your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to email for any additional questions or support regarding the setup and usage of your new Tidio account.

Upload Agent Photo to Tidio

Uploading your chatbot agent photo to Tidio is important because it personalizes the interaction, making customers feel more connected and engaged. A friendly, recognizable image can build trust and create a more welcoming experience, making the chat feel more human and less automated. This small touch can significantly enhance the customer’s overall experience and satisfaction.

Turn Agent Light On/Off

It’s important to check your toggle on/off agent light in Tidio when taking live chats to ensure that Lyro, our automated assistant, doesn’t activate unnecessarily. When your light is on, it indicates that you are available to handle live chats, providing a personal touch that enhances the customer experience. If the light is off, Lyro will step in to manage the chat, which can be useful but may not always address customer needs as effectively as a live agent. By keeping your light on, you ensure that customers receive direct, personalized assistance, maintaining a high standard of service and efficiency.

Lyro AI Chatbot

Lyro AI chatbot suggestions provide automated, relevant responses to customer inquiries, improving efficiency in our customer support. Daily, the team should log in to the Lyro AI dashboard, review pending interactions, evaluate the suggestions, and either approve or edit them to ensure accuracy and relevance. Adding a personal touch can enhance the customer experience. Monitoring and providing feedback on the AI’s performance helps improve its effectiveness. By leveraging these suggestions, the team can respond quickly and accurately, focusing more on complex issues and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Lyro AI Chatbot Part 2

Call center team to check the Lyro inbox 2-3 times a day to review and respond to submissions, chats, and other customer interactions. This regular monitoring ensures timely and accurate responses, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and support efficiency.

Setting Agent Hours

To set your agent hours in Tidio, navigate to the “Settings” section, then select “Agents” and choose the agent whose hours you want to set. Adjust the “Online Hours” to reflect when the agent is available, and set “Offline Hours” for times when they are not. This ensures customers know when to expect live support and helps manage workloads efficiently.

Creating and Closing Tidio Tickets

Creating and closing tickets in Tidio helps manage customer inquiries efficiently. Creating a ticket ensures that each customer request is tracked, prioritized, and assigned to the appropriate agent, ensuring no queries are overlooked. Closing a ticket signifies that the issue has been resolved, providing clear communication to the customer and allowing the team to focus on remaining open tickets. This process enhances organization, accountability, and customer satisfaction.