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(Podcast) What is CERCLA and What is a CERCLA Superfund Site

July 17, 2019

In this podcast, we explain what CERCLA is, what is the CERCLA Superfund, and what is a CERCLA Superfund site. If your organization needs services for environmental remediation and/or hazardous waste transportation and disposal, call us at (800) 936-2311 or click here to email us.

CERCLA, also referred to as Superfund, is an acronym for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. This groundbreaking legislation was enacted to address the grave environmental challenges posed by hazardous waste sites across the United States.

A Superfund site, as designated by CERCLA, refers to a contaminated location requiring extensive cleanup efforts. These sites are typically characterized by the presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants that pose significant risks to human health and the environment.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of CERCLA, the CERCLA Superfund, and the concept of Superfund sites, we have created an informative podcast. Click the “play” button below to delve into this vital topic.

To listen to the podcast, click “play” below.

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The featured image used for this post is courtesy of the US Coast Guard and can be found here.

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