Affordable Nationwide Automotive Waste Disposal Services

PegEx Hazardous Waste Experts can assist you in the identification, segregation, storage, transportation and disposal of automotive waste.

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We have programs for:

  • Used motor oil
  • Used tires
  • Used antifreeze
  • Used batteries
  • Contaminated gasoline
automotive oil waste

We have unique solutions for the recycling or disposal of a variety of specialty waste streams:

  • Brake fluid
  • Contaminated cloths and rags
  • Waste bearing grease
  • Paint booth filters and other paint waste
  • Aerosal cans
  • Car polish
  • Car wax
  • Transmission fluid

How to Store and Dispose of Automotive Waste

Follow these procedures for selecting containers and safely storing automotive waste at your facility. If you have any questions, or need assistance, call PegEx at 888-681-8923.

With the number of cars on the road today it’s not surprising that the amount of automotive waste is on the rise as well. In the United Kingdom, 700,000 tons of lubricating oil is used every year by some 34.5 million vehicles. Looking at these figures, it’s clear to see why automotive waste can pose such an issue.

Additionally, much of the automotive waste that is produced doesn’t get recycled. Instead, it gets dumped down the drain or disposed of in other illegal ways.

Antifreeze is a very common liquid that also happens to be very poisonous to both humans and animals. If a great enough amount is spilled or leaks onto a surface, like your driveway, it may attract pets (or other animals) and children alike due to it having a particularly sweet taste.

Keep in mind that, in some states, it’s illegal to dispose of antifreeze in landfills. Should you need assistance, Hazardous Waste Experts has a program in place for the disposal of used antifreeze and can come to your location to retrieve it, whenever you require disposal.


Used car and small engine batteries contain strong acids that can cause severe burns and other health risks. Additionally, most of these batteries contain other hazardous materials and typically contain lead. In fact, some stats ban the disposal of lead-acid batteries into local landfills.

If you need to get rid of your used car batteries, we have an extensive program in place for their pickup and disposal. Give us a call today or request a quote by using the form on this page.

Any Waste – Any Place

PegEx Hazardous Waste Experts is the choice for fast, compliant, low-cost and sustainable solutions to your automotive waste disposal challenges.

We are experts in disposal of used oil, used antifreeze, used tires, and more.

We provide services across the entire United States. Our team of experts and specialists, coupled with a broad array of partners, make us the number one choice for on-call automotive waste disposal services.

We handle all waste types from industrial, commercial, institutional and healthcare facilities. In addition to automotive waste disposal, we offer solutions for used brake fluid, used transmission fluid, and comprehensive environmental sustainability consulting services to address unique challenges.