Post-Consumer And Post-Industrial Nylon Recycling

Due to the technical challenges that are common to nylon recycling, there are relatively few recycling facilities that accept nylon. But there are recyclers who have the specialized equipment and expertise to create post-consumer and/or post-industrial plastics from used nylon, and they compete against one another to obtain it. Nylon is an extraordinary invention [...]

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What’s Holding Back the Recycling Industry?

In this day and age, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person that doesn’t believe in the benefits of recycling. They are numerous and mostly indisputable: recycling helps to conserve natural resources like minerals, water, and timber; recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, recycling reduces the overall waste destined for landfills or combustion facilities; recycling [...]

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What You Should Know About the Concept of Sham Recycling

Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes guidelines for the recycling of hazardous waste. These guidelines highlight the difference in what’s considered legitimate recycling versus what is determined to be sham recycling (illegitimate). So, what exactly is sham recycling? Let’s start by defining what’s legitimate. Defining Legitimate [...]

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Is Automated Vacuum Waste Collection the Way of the Future?

We’ve all become familiar with the big, noisy waste collection trucks that frequent our businesses and neighborhoods. But could automated vacuum waste collection systems (AVAC) soon make them a thing of the past? With more people becoming conscious of better air quality and climate resiliency, it’s a definite possibility. These systems are already growing [...]

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Recycling Household Electronic Waste Is Easier Than You Think

Electronic Waste: An Inconvenient Reality Chances are you probably have amassed a hefty chunk of electronic waste (e-waste) in your living space over the years. Dusty jewel cases filled with CDs, boxes of remote controls from TVs you junked long ago, and perhaps even a few old computers. You’re not alone. Many people have [...]

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From Sewage to Faucet: Wastewater Recycling and Treatment

Wastewater Recycling Primer “Wastewater,” though it may conjure an unappetizing image, can certainly be recycled into clean, fresh water. Recycled water is that which is brought in from municipal sewer systems, agricultural applications, and industrial processes. Once treated, however, wastewater may be even more clean than water from your faucet. Freshwater has always been [...]

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3 Steps to Building a Green Supply Chain

You listen to your customers. You read several newspapers a day, so you know all about corporate sustainability—how sustainable companies make record profits and are measurably more popular with the public. You and senior management have made the decision to switch to a leaner, more sustainable business model. Your processes now exceed EPA rules on [...]

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Help Your Company Increase Recycling Capability and Lower Waste Costs

Nearly every company is constantly on the prowl for new ways to save money.  And almost every company can find ways to reduce the cost of their business  - and thus increase their profit - by finding ways to reduce waste costs. Reducing the cost of waste sounds like a difficult task, but it [...]

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Tips on Starting a Company-Wide Recycling Initiative

Tips on Starting a Company-Wide Recycling Initiative Carbon footprints, sustainability, a green way of thinking—these are all 21st century ideas that have now become household catchphrases. We all know that recyclables can cut your overall carbon footprint and increase efficiency. But for some companies, knowing what is and isn’t recyclable is still murky territory, [...]

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The Dark Side of the Hybrid: Lead Acid Batteries

The Dark Side of the Hybrid: Lead Acid Batteries Article by Jessica Hope  Hybrid cars have long been touted as the most promising sustainable lifestyle choice since recycling. It’s not hard to see why – hybrid electric vehicles use substantially less fossil fuel than your traditional automobile, and produce far fewer greenhouse gases all [...]

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