Market Tastes Shift, So Do Amounts of Hazardous Waste

In 2014, you would be hard-pressed to find a home without a flat panel television. Not only do these new screens run on different technology than older projection tube televisions, they also have just as much, if not more, toxic elements within them. In 2006, a ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that the [...]

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Electronic Receipts: Should You Go Paperless?

Electronic Receipts: Should You Go Paperless? If you do much shopping, you have almost certainly heard an associate ask a question like this when closing out your sale: “Would you like your receipt in the bag, or e-mailed to you?” This is the relatively new phenomenon of electronic (or digital) receipts – the option of a customer [...]

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Dramatically Reduce Retail Waste in 5 Steps

Retail is an incredibly profit-driven industry - and while there are many methods that will help further your success, one of the most reliable involves eliminating unnecessary costs. For retailers, one of those costs is waste. Reuse and recycling programs are excellent ways to deal with retail waste, but it's essential that you start with reduction. [...]

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What Your Retail Employees Need to Know About Waste

Your best efforts for retail waste management may be all for naught if your employees aren’t on board with your plan. Improper disposal techniques and reduced recycling efforts could easily result in negligent fines for your business and increased health and safety risks for your workers. It’s important to maximize training efforts, because what [...]

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New White Paper – HAZARDS IN STORE: A Waste Handling Primer for Retailers

Wal-Mart generates hazardous waste. So does every other retailer or pharmacy in the country that sells everyday items such as fertilizer, bug spray, nail polish, bleach or some over the counter medications. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state governments have recently shone the spotlight on retailers’ role as hazardous waste generators, hitting [...]

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