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Cleaning Company Leaders Reduce Solid Waste

December 12, 2013

In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to minimize waste generation and enhance sustainability practices.‘s insightful article, “How Cleaning Companies Are Reducing Solid Waste,” presents valuable insights from industry leaders, shedding light on effective waste reduction strategies.


GOJO Industries Waste Reduction Strategies

Take, for instance, GOJO Industries, which prioritizes waste prevention through root cause analysis and employee feedback mechanisms, fostering a proactive approach to waste management. Moreover, their collaboration with humanitarian and disaster relief organizations showcases a commendable effort to repurpose waste for altruistic purposes.

  • Employees root cause analysis and the feedback of it’s employees to eliminate waste before it is created.
  • Partners with a humanitarian and disaster relief aid organization to repurpose waste for a good cause.

The Dow Chemical Company Waste Reduction Strategies

Similarly, The Dow Chemical Company demonstrates a dedicated focus on waste management by assigning a specialized team to monitor and address waste-related challenges. Through continuous research and innovation, they harness cutting-edge technology to optimize waste management practices and explore opportunities for waste reuse in product packaging.

  • Dedicates a specific team of employees to track and respond to waste management and hazardous materials.
  • Researches new and existing technology and leverages it for use in efficient waste management practices.
  • Seeks opportunities to reuse waste products to create packaging for new consumer products.

SC Johnson Waste Reduction Strategies

SC Johnson’s commitment to waste management is evident in its establishment of clear company goals, aligning waste reduction objectives with traditional financial targets. By striving towards zero landfill operations and incorporating post-consumer-recycled content into product packaging, SC Johnson exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.

  • Sets company goals for waste management, so that it has the same level of importance as does traditional financial goals.
  • Works toward zero landfill of its operation, with includes using post-consumer-recycled content for product packaging.

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