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Is “Landspreading” a Viable Option to Hazardous Waste Disposal?

Perhaps as old as agriculture itself, “landspreading” is the practice of returning to the soil a portion of the organic matter and fertilizing elements that might have been removed by harvested crops. On the simplest level, this is what you do when you set your lawnmower to “mulch,” leaving the grass clippings on your [...]

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The Importance of Sustainability for Craft Breweries

Craft Breweries Are Setting the Bar High When you think of a craft brewery, you typically think about the delicious beverages it produces. What you almost certainly do not think about is the water and wastewater management challenges they face. For these breweries, practicing sustainability is more vital than ever. Many craft breweries are [...]

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Is Automated Vacuum Waste Collection the Way of the Future?

We’ve all become familiar with the big, noisy waste collection trucks that frequent our businesses and neighborhoods. But could automated vacuum waste collection systems (AVAC) soon make them a thing of the past? With more people becoming conscious of better air quality and climate resiliency, it’s a definite possibility. These systems are already growing [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Maintenance

Maintaining grease traps properly, and on a regular schedule, is of extreme importance if you want to avoid the unnecessary consequences of failing to do so. After all, sewer blockages, backups, and fines are never fun to deal with. Fortunately, ensuring these things don’t occur isn’t a monumental task. In order for you to [...]

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Repurposed Metal: 4 Perfect Items to Get Creative With

4 Items That Are Perfect for Repurposed Metal Projects The next time you have metals to dispose of, think twice about simply recycling them and, of course, don’t even think about throwing them in the trash. You might be surprised at how you can repurpose them. Recently, repurposing items—metal in particular—has become a major trend. [...]

The Surprising Negative Impacts of Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats

Why It's Vital to Properly Dispose of Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats Walk into the kitchen of any restaurant and you’ll find plenty of vegetable oils on the premises. In fact, most of us are aware they go a long way in ensuring the foods we enjoy are appeasing to our taste buds. However, [...]

The Toxic Substances Control Act: Is Reform In Sight?

The Flawed Legislation of the Toxic Substances Control Act For all of its lofty goals and prodigious responsibilities, there’s no denying that the Toxic Substances Control Act is a bit dated. Not only was it enacted in 1976 (that’s forty years ago), but it has also been tragically riddled with flaws since its formation. [...]

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Are You Handling Your Universal Waste Correctly?

Handling Universal Wastes: A Quick Guide The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ruling on universal wastes on May 11, 1995 was a boon for industrial waste recyclers. The ruling was finalized in order to encourage and further expedite the recycling and treatment of specific commercial and industrial wastes. From that point on, some wastes formerly [...]

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Automotive Shops and Used Oil Waste: FAQs

If you manage an automotive repair facility or maintenance shop, you may have some questions concerning the safe disposal of used oil, used oil filters, contaminated fluids, and other waste streams that are generated in your shop day-to-day. A few of these questions might be: What does the EPA define as “used oil”? What [...]

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What You Need to Know About Organic Waste

What It Is Organic waste, or biodegradable waste, is a natural refuse type that comes from plants or animals. It comes in manifold forms - biodegradable plastics, food waste, green waste, paper waste, manure, human waste, sewage, and slaughterhouse waste. Why Landfills Don't Work Most organic products sound innocuous enough – they are natural, after [...]

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