5 Ways to “Green” Your Thanksgiving Celebration

If you're like millions of other American families this morning, your Thanksgiving preparations are probably well underway. But thankfully, there's still time to make a few last minute changes to ensure your Thanksgiving celebration is as eco-friendly as possible. Other than turkey, keep it plant-based. While vegetarian Thanksgiving dinners are on the rise, many [...]

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End of Year Hazardous Waste Checklist: 6 Things to Cross Off Before 2015

Hazardous Waste Generator Checklist For the New Year The new year is fast approaching, which means hazardous waste generators (and also, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities) across the nation are trying to get everything order for the arrival of 2015. Some questions that the coming new year might prompt are: Do you have your records in [...]

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Post Holiday Recycling Tips

Holiday season is coming to a close, and though you might be feeling a bit blue (or perhaps a bit relieved), it's an excellent time to do some heavy-duty recycling.  All across the nation, people recycle approximately 33% of their trash - and holidays should be no exception. Here are some helpful holiday recycling [...]

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Retail Waste

The National Retail Federation reported that 141 million unique shoppers spent an estimated $57.4 billion on Black Friday 2013 alone. Apparel and electronics topped the holiday shopping lists of customers in search of doorbusters and sales. If you work in the retail industry, no one knows better than you that along with the Christmas [...]

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How To Celebrate A More Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has earned a reputation for being a pretty gluttonous and over-indulgent holiday.  And while indulging in all the food you can tolerate won't cause you much (long-term) suffering, there are definitely some areas better served by a more sparing approach. Energy efficiency, for example, is huge.  Cooking accounts for 4.5% of the total [...]

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